Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year—2010!


1. I resolve to go watch at least 1 movie at the theatre this year, even it means leaving the kids in the car alone!!

2. I resolve to finish all current projects before starting a new one!

3. I resolve to exercise more…even if it means I have to get up @ 5am to jog around the block!

4. I resolve to play more trains with Logan, do more hair and nails with Ariel, and read more teen magazines with Alexia, even when I have a big school project due!

5. I resolve to get out of town by plane with the hubs, even if it means leaving the kids home alone with a box of cereal!

6. I resolve to call my Grandma and talk to her for one full hour or even two just to make her smile!

7. I resolve to spend more time with friends even if it means traveling out of town to see them.

8. I resolve to tell my husband how much I love him and appreciate him and show him more respect on a daily basis.

9. I resolve to slow down, listen, and soak in every word my kids and husband are saying to me.

10.I resolve to do a little something for me every now and then!

May your New Year be blessed!