Friday, June 27, 2008

More modeling


Thought these pictures turned out great. They were takin in our backyard. Just wanted to share.

In order to tour the Capitol and White House you must make a request through your congressman. Although they didn't grant us a tour of the White House, they did give us a personal tour of the Capitol and even flew a flag over the Capitol on our 11th anniversary (even on really short notice). Congressman Neugebauer was gracious enough to take time out of his day to escort us past the long line of tours and even posed for a picture.

Alexia and Ariel gettin' "lucky" in the Nation's Capitol. Supposedly touching this spot brings luck. If I remember right, it is directly in the center of the Capitol building and the exact center of Washington DC. Something like that anyway!
This is the room where President Clinton was impeached. It is the actual room that has been used by Lincoln and the Presidents after him. Although, it has been updated with electricity. Our tour guide said they tried to keep the "somberness" with dim lighting. Back in the day they used candlesticks for lighting at each table.
A picture of the Capitol walking East towards the Capitol on the National Mall.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vacation pictures

Here are some more pictures from vacation. My computer has not been working since the lightening storm on Sunday morning. I'm trying to post pictures as quickly as possible. As you can tell from the unsuccessful load (on the side) I haven't had any luck setting up a slide show. If somebody knows how to do it, I need you to teach me. Please!!

White House. We requested a tour of the White House, but we were declined. Do we look like terrorists? Look at those sweet, innocent faces?!!
Ariel was excited to see good ol' Abe.
Isn't this a beautiful view. The first thought that comes to mind every time I see this picture is MLK and his speech. I don't know why; it's not like I was there, but it is a very important piece of history!
I was surprised by how massive this temple is. Looks much smaller on the penny! ha ha

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Arlington Cemetery

Friday, June 20, 2008

Pictures from vacation

We enjoyed ice cream cones and milkshakes from Carl's. One of the top 10 ice cream places in the US

That is strawberry ice cream...yyyyyuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm
Pictures from Todd's ceremony.
Todd and his boss.

Pictures from vacation

Eating at a Spanish Tapas restuarant in Virginia

Jose eating octopus!! EEEEwwwwhhhhhhhhhhh
The hungry group....

Pictures from vacation

At my uncle Todd's retirement ceremony. He is the one in uniform...

The name of this restuarant just cracked Jose up. He tried to buy a shirt off the waiter but he wouldn't give it up.
Luray Caverns in Virginia....gettin' some love from one of my angels!!
Alexia, Sabrina, and Ariel..stopped to pose on the way down to Potomac River.
The group at Luray Caverns....we were in desperate need to find something cool to do. The heat, plus humidity about killed us!!
In front: Anna, Sabrina, and Ariel
Middle: Alexia, Jose, and Shannon
Back: Todd and David

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer Fun

The sweetest thing since sliced bread!! This little man loves it outside. We sit outside every morning. He plays in the dirt and I sip my diet Dr. Pepper!
Now this is a redneck swimming pool! This is our pond liner that we have been patiently waiting to have installed. We need to have an electrical line ran out to the middle of the yard. I can't wait to have it beautifully landscaped, to see goldfish swimming around and hear the trickling water!
The girls were splashing water at Jack. He is trying to catch it with his mouth. He is a crazy dog!
Family comedian....
Alexia lovin' on Bubs!
Jose is taking Logan to his sister's tonight for his lonely vacation. We fly out tomorrow for DC. Please pray for our safety and that Logan will be safe and content with his grandma, aunt and cousins. Please pray that he will have fun, eat and sleep well and won't cry for us. This is my first time to be away from him, but I think I've talked myself into having a good, rested vacation without him. It will make me a better mom, right?



Just wanted to let you know that my sister got out of the hospital on Thursday. She has started feeling better and getting back to her normal routine. Thank you for your prayers.

My dad went to the doctor and they gave him some bone stimulator cream to rub on his arm a couple times a day. If that doesn't seem to help in two months he will go in and have bone scraped away to encourage to new growth. Yuck! Please pray that his arm will heal and the bones will fuse together without a pin. The doctor is taking a more conservative approach and will put in a pin as the last option. My dad now has a more positive outlook on the treatment.

Thank you and love you all.