Monday, April 27, 2009

What do you think this is?

Jose asked Ariel what she wanted on her hamburger. She replied ketchup, mustard, and three pickles. We thought we would be cute. Notice her pickles? We didn't have sliced pickles so we improvised. They must think we run a McDonald's assembly line! Kids! Don't you love them?!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Couple's Weight Loss Challenge

Jose and I are competitive by nature and we need an incentive to lose weight! Who would be interested in doing a couple's weight loss competition? We haven't worked out the technicalities yet, but we need to come up with something quick. I know nobody would want to share their current weight so we need to find a place where we could do weigh ins and have them recorded for each person. We were thinking everyone could pitch in some money for a grand prize. The amount depends on how many couples sign up. Jose is even going to throw in a FREE NIGHT'S STAY AT THE DRURY INN.
Let me know ASAP if you are interested in a little competition...say by Monday so we can start doing some weigh ins. Invite as many people as you want so we have a better chance of a fabulous Grand Prize!

Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Official

You are my accountability partner. It is your official job and responsibility to make me get fit! Jose bought me new shoes so I can start running again. These are Nike Air Alvord VI. They are for trail running. Don't they look fast?! Running is great exercise and can become addictive. I have always wanted to run a marathon and Jose said he would run with me. Jose has been working out for several months now so he is one step ahead of me. That means I have to train extra hard now so I can beat him ;)

I weigh the same weight I did when I went to my six week checkup after having Logan. I am obviously not going to be able to change my eating habits so I have to exercise. I have been eating more salad and vegetables--which I love! Eating vegetables makes me feel better overall and they're delicious with ranch! I have also been trying to cut out as much sugar as possible. I bought a DIET Dr. Pepper today--regular Dr. Pepper is my weakness! I just can't lose any weight without exercising so I am going to start TODAY! I just have too many bad eating habits.

You are more than welcome to run with me...or I mean walk! I might need somebody to call the paramedics for me!

Well, I better get trail hunting!

Monday, April 6, 2009

More supermodeling

Alexia and I went out today after Jose got home and played with the camera. We took some great shots!

My absolute favorite! I told her this is her supermodel pose....

By and old door...

Against a dirty old wall....

My other favorite...

We had some not favorites too. I tried to get her to do the real supermodel poses, but they just looked goofy! We will have to practice some more later! Just wanted to share.