Sunday, November 30, 2008

OH! MY! GOSH!!!!

Can you hear the fear in that title? It can't be true! I'm not old enough to have a TEENAGER!!!!!! Alexia Dawn, born November 27, 1995 at 9:12a.m., turned the BIG 13 on Thanksgiving Day!!

She had slumber party on November 21st. Jose and I made up a scavenger hunt for them to do around the country club in the freezing cold. They had a blast! She said it was the funnest birthday ever.
We bought her a camera for her birthday. I just uploaded 180 pictures. She's been taking pictures of everything! I thought she would be so thrilled about getting a camera, but she opened it and said "Oh a camera!" How disappointing is that? She told me later that she just KNEW that she was getting a cell phone for her birthday. Poor deprived child, huh!?

Alexia and her friends heading out for the scavenger hunt!

The monkey cake that Haylee made for us. Alexia loves monkeys. I found this tin at Hobby Lobby. I think she was most excited about the cake than anything else.
Alexia has been working really hard to earn money for church camp this summer. She has even picked up dog poop at Grandma's house. Her uncle paid her $20.00 to pick it all up and she didn't complain once! What a good sport!
She is competing in UIL on Tuesday. She is giving a speech on the potential dangers of children using the internet and having a MySpace account. Say a little prayer for her when you think about her!
Hope you all had a blessed Thankgiving with friends, family, and great FOOD!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I know I'm really behind

I should have some free time for myself since Alexia finished cross country and Ariel has finished soccer. It would seem that the taxi driver would get to relax a little, but that hasn't happened. Yet! I'm still hopeful!

This semester has been extremely time consuming with too many group projects, too much studying, and way too much homework! I'm taking a long weekend to myself starting tomorrow. I leave right after picking up the kids from school for my Walk to Emmaus. Satan's panties are in a wad. He has been working overtime on me these last couple of weeks. Please pray for me to go on this walk with an open heart and an open mind. Please pray for me to get the exact message that God wants me to hear over the course of this weekend. Pray for my family to survive without me and that Logan will be able to sleep without his Mommy. He is such a cuddler!

Here is a picture of Ariel's soccer team after their last game they lost a couple of weeks ago. It was so sad. They lost to a kick off and most all the girls started crying because they wanted to continue playing. It was so sweet and brought tears to my eyes. Who would have known they would start crying? This was Ariel's first year to play and she really enjoyed herself. She even scored a couple of goals and always hustled.

Logan chasing after his happy sister. Look at that beautiful smile!
My camera is acting up so I didn't get pictures of the finished products or pictures in costumes. Here a couple of pictures of Logan and Ariel painting their pumpkins for Halloween. If we take Logan's shirt off Ariel thinks she needs hers off too! This is a bunny in the making.

Baby Smurf in the making. Alexia and Ariel don't even know who the Smurf's are! Isn't that sad? What are we going to do about this generation!!

Crooked Tigger! Sorry, but I want you to see that I at least had costumes for the kids and I don't have time to delete this picture and redo it. If there is an easier way to fix, please let me know!

Have a blessed weekend and remember me in your prayers!
God Bless You!
I forgot to mention that I gave Alexia her first driving lesson the other day--in my car! I'm a brave woman! But it was actually hilarious. I thought I was going to wet my pants! She was so excited when I asked her if she wanted to drive. She got in the car and was ready to take off. I told her she had to put her seat belt on first. Then she was ready to put it into drive. I told she had to first press the brake and then she could put it into gear. Well, she accidentally floored the gas. It really scared her and she started freaking out when she realized that if it had been in drive we would have crashed right into the metal fence in front of us. I know you had to be there, but it was so stinkin funny. She was ready to get out of the driver's seat. I told her that it was my fault. I kind of just assumed that she knew what she was doing. What was I thinking? Anyway, I did a better job of explaining what everything was and that she just had to gently press the gas and break. She drove down the alley behind our house and even made a little turn that she thought would be too hard. Now I've created a monster. That's all she's been talking about and asking when she can do it again. Anyway, we had a good time!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We have a new President

This election is bittersweet. I confess. I cried and knelt down to pray when the television screen flashed in big letters that Obama had won the election. I fear what will become of this country having a President in the white house that does not believe in the Lord God Almighty. Obama mentioned in his speech what kind of progress we can expect in a century from now. I think of my children and my grandchildren and great grandchildren. I pray the United States of America continues to be the same strong nation founded on the principles of our forefathers.

It warms my heart to see that an African America man has been elected. I pray for the United States to unite and look past the color of a person's skin. I know it still exists today. Maybe this election will make a positive impact.

This is probably totally inappropriate, but this sign just cracks Jose up every time he sees it. This is the second sign a friend of ours has put in his yard. The first sign he put up was vandalized. The last word was cut out of the vinyl. He had another sign printed up to stake in his yard and added the word "STILL". He has even had his house egged. Just wanted to share!

Also, did anyone catch the end of Obama's speech where he said "God Bless You" to the audience? He's sending mixed signals here! Continue to pray folks. That's all we can do!

Good night!