Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weekend Camping

Jose took off Friday to take us camping at Lake Altus. It was a really long drive to go for the weekend, but it was nice to get away.

Logan is searching for mud holes.
Eating hot dogs and frito pies...and I'm not sure what is going on with Alexia in this one!
Ariel and Hayden relaxing. Alexia is in the hammock in the background.
There is a lot to do at Lake Altus. They have water slides for the kids and a carnival, putt putt golf, fishing, hiking, train ride, and horseback riding. There is a lodge and cabins available for rent. We even enjoyed some paddle boats!

One of my favorite pictures of my boys! That's Quartz Mountains in the background.
Feet....just in case you couldn't tell!
Logan's little feet. I wanted one of him standing up, but he couldn't resist digging with his toes!
Alonso, Netta, and Jessie chillin in the shade.
The kids' swimming hole!

Camping pictures...

Look what we found in the sand at Lake Altus! Weird, huh?! he he

Jose proudly displays his crop from his garden. We cooked the zucchini with our hobo dinners on Saturday. They turned out really good with potatoes, carrots, hamburger patty, spices, and lots of butter!
Ariel and her friend, Hayden trying to cool off by watching a movie. Hayden is one of Ariel's friends from Oklahoma Christian Academy from when we briefly lived in Edmond, Oklahoma. They still keep in touch talking on the phone and writing letters. They had a great time catching up! You can see Logan taking a nap in the background.
Jose's little brother Alonso and his girlfriend Netta.
Jose, Alonso and their nephew Adrian slept in a tent so all the girls could have the camper. Wasn't that nice of them?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

New living quarters....

Jose has been keeping his eye out for a great deal on a camper. He found the perfect one for us this weekend. This is the kitchen.

Refrigerator and freezer.
Bathroom sink.
And it even has a shower!
What a beauty!!!!
It is a 19 foot Rockwood. It was built in 1993, but it is in great condition. It has an awning, a great air conditioner, heater, two propane tanks and the best part is that it comes with a shower and toilet!! The girls and I camped in our driveway last night. It is their new clubhouse. They have been playing in it since we bought it. Jose and I are excited to raise our kids at the campgrounds enjoying Mother Nature!!


Alexia has claimed the top bunk. Sorry for the blurry picture.
This is the bunk bed closed.
Living room/bedroom.
Dining room/bedroom.
More dining room.
We are excited to get on the road. The girls now want to sell our house and live permanently in the camper. Can you believe they want to give up there own spacious bedrooms to live in this small of a space permanently. I don't think I could do it?!

Send us all of your favorite camping places. We are excited to explore new and exciting places!

Pictures from this weekend

The crowd pigging out!
Logan ecstatic because somebody left a coke unattended.
We spend Friday morning scraping the popcorn off our living room ceiling. Lots of work, but it will look so much better when we get everything finished.
Jose was enjoying himself. Can you tell?

4th of July Weekend!!!

We have had a wonderful, blessed holiday. We celebrated with friends, fireworks, and great food! The girls were busy decorating t-shirts, hats, finger nails, and toe nails. They even made a hat for Logan.

Showing off shirts and hats; beaming with pride!!
I think he likes his hat. What do you think?
Ariel with her friend Kelsey on the trampoline.
And Alexia with her friend Haley.