Thursday, July 24, 2008

Camping pictures...

Look what we found in the sand at Lake Altus! Weird, huh?! he he

Jose proudly displays his crop from his garden. We cooked the zucchini with our hobo dinners on Saturday. They turned out really good with potatoes, carrots, hamburger patty, spices, and lots of butter!
Ariel and her friend, Hayden trying to cool off by watching a movie. Hayden is one of Ariel's friends from Oklahoma Christian Academy from when we briefly lived in Edmond, Oklahoma. They still keep in touch talking on the phone and writing letters. They had a great time catching up! You can see Logan taking a nap in the background.
Jose's little brother Alonso and his girlfriend Netta.
Jose, Alonso and their nephew Adrian slept in a tent so all the girls could have the camper. Wasn't that nice of them?

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