Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day of School Pictures

Alexia and Ariel before heading to the first day of school.

Alexia is a big 7th grader and Ariel is a big 2nd grader who thinks she is going on 20!!!!!!
Ariel had to have this shirt when we went school clothes shopping. She said it is her cowboy shirt. She is strange. She is also the one who likes tatoos, gothic colors, bones, and skulls. Please start praying for her now....and a little prayer for her parents too!
This picture is with her teacher. Mrs. Stephenson also attends our church. Ariel was very excited to have her for her teacher.

I know I am a little behind. It is only the second week of school, but I am exhausted already. Between taking Ariel to soccer practice and Alexia to Cross Country, I feel like a chicken with its head cut off. Actually, I can't wait for Logan to play football!!! Then, maybe I'll be the crazy chicken lady!!
We are going to my inlaws for the weekend to enjoy a small town Fiesta Night! Have a great weekend. Maybe I'll post pictures when we get back into town.


Carly said...

Hey, crazy chicken lady is better than a bag lady. ha! Beighlee has a pink shirt like that that she calls her cowboy shirt. Must be a little girl thing.
I understand the running around crazy thing. Michael has softball twice a week, Beighlee has soccer, I have all the PTA meetings (2 or 3 a week), and Beighlee is about to start softbal too. AGH!!!!

Dawn Jenkins said...

Too cute...I can't believe the kiddos are getting so big. Hope to see ya soon, I miss talking to you!