Sunday, February 24, 2008

This past weekend...

Sunday was a beautiful day. We started the day off with SS as usual. I help out in the Kindergarten classroom where I do a bible story once or twice a month and a weekly educational craft. After church, Jose replaced the window regulator in the Jeep. I have been unable to roll my window down for several months now. Jose has been embarrassed that I still drive through McDonald's for my daily Dr. Pepper. I had to make sure I drove up to the window just right so I could open my door to pay and get my drink! Today, the girl at McDonald's asked me if I got my window fixed. I was kind of embarrassed; I hoped they hadn't noticed!

After completing their weekly chores, the girls headed out for a bike ride. They like to ride around the neighborhood. I can't wait to buy a baby wagon for Logan. I think he is big enough now to cruise around with him. Ariel always loved it!!

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