Saturday, April 12, 2008

McCain for President

The girls got out early from school yesterday. So we decided to run to Lubbock to support McCain for President. He touched on four points that I actually heard and remembered in between corraling and hushing Logan.
1. He is not going to pull the troops out without first accomplishing the goals that were set for Iraq.
2. He will follow Bin Laden to the "Gates of Hell" until he is caught. He got a big "whoop" for this comment!
3. America has a spending problem and he will make every effort to get it under control.
4. America should be using Nuclear power to help conserve energy. (sounds scary to me! I'll have to research this to find out how I feel about this).
I took the kids because I thought it would be a good experience for them. Ariel wanted to know when he was going to start singing. I think she was a little confused! Alexia said it was awesome!! Maybe we will have a future politician in the house!
I hope you all are making an effort to get to know the people who will be our future President of the United States!

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