Sunday, November 30, 2008

OH! MY! GOSH!!!!

Can you hear the fear in that title? It can't be true! I'm not old enough to have a TEENAGER!!!!!! Alexia Dawn, born November 27, 1995 at 9:12a.m., turned the BIG 13 on Thanksgiving Day!!

She had slumber party on November 21st. Jose and I made up a scavenger hunt for them to do around the country club in the freezing cold. They had a blast! She said it was the funnest birthday ever.
We bought her a camera for her birthday. I just uploaded 180 pictures. She's been taking pictures of everything! I thought she would be so thrilled about getting a camera, but she opened it and said "Oh a camera!" How disappointing is that? She told me later that she just KNEW that she was getting a cell phone for her birthday. Poor deprived child, huh!?

Alexia and her friends heading out for the scavenger hunt!

The monkey cake that Haylee made for us. Alexia loves monkeys. I found this tin at Hobby Lobby. I think she was most excited about the cake than anything else.
Alexia has been working really hard to earn money for church camp this summer. She has even picked up dog poop at Grandma's house. Her uncle paid her $20.00 to pick it all up and she didn't complain once! What a good sport!
She is competing in UIL on Tuesday. She is giving a speech on the potential dangers of children using the internet and having a MySpace account. Say a little prayer for her when you think about her!
Hope you all had a blessed Thankgiving with friends, family, and great FOOD!!


Carly said...

Man, you sure look good for having a teenager. You can kiss those good looks good-bye. haha
Yeah, I can't believe how many kids at Beigh's school have cell phones (not Beighlee).

Dawn Jenkins said...

I am with the no cell phone keep hangin' in there. Tell Alexia happy birthday!
Miss ya!