Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We have a new President

This election is bittersweet. I confess. I cried and knelt down to pray when the television screen flashed in big letters that Obama had won the election. I fear what will become of this country having a President in the white house that does not believe in the Lord God Almighty. Obama mentioned in his speech what kind of progress we can expect in a century from now. I think of my children and my grandchildren and great grandchildren. I pray the United States of America continues to be the same strong nation founded on the principles of our forefathers.

It warms my heart to see that an African America man has been elected. I pray for the United States to unite and look past the color of a person's skin. I know it still exists today. Maybe this election will make a positive impact.

This is probably totally inappropriate, but this sign just cracks Jose up every time he sees it. This is the second sign a friend of ours has put in his yard. The first sign he put up was vandalized. The last word was cut out of the vinyl. He had another sign printed up to stake in his yard and added the word "STILL". He has even had his house egged. Just wanted to share!

Also, did anyone catch the end of Obama's speech where he said "God Bless You" to the audience? He's sending mixed signals here! Continue to pray folks. That's all we can do!

Good night!


Carly said...

Hahaha! Love the sign! You know, no matter what, God is in control! It is up to His people to keep that faith going throughout the country. Boy, is that going to be a hard task.

Dawn Jenkins said...

Good point - God is still God!

Haylee Potter said...

Now tell me, who would put that kind of sign up in thier front yard??? Must have been some crazy old man!!! ha ha