Monday, January 12, 2009

Boyfriends and Girlfriends

Hmmm...interesting topic huh!
Well, today I went inside to pick Ariel up from school and a little boy walked up to me and asked if I was Ariel's Mom. Naturally, I said "Yes."
Just a little background information for those of you who have not had the privilege of meeting little Miss Ariel. She is in second grade and will turn 8 years old on the 25th. She is naturally a likable person, unlike me! She doesn't have to work so hard at being likable. Very easy going, likes everyone in her class. I haven't met a person who doesn't just love Ariel. Or at least they haven't told me otherwise! he he Ariel is the family comedian. The best part about her is that she can take a joke too. I just love that about her. She makes it really fun. She is a really great big sister to Logan. She helps him with whatever he needs and she puts up with so much from people. She comprises very easily. She is very lovable and affectionate. She works hard in school and does really well with her school work. Anyway...on with the whole point of this post.

The little boy, Jonathan continues to tell me that he asked out Ariel. He asked me if she could be his girlfriend. I am caught off guard here, but I did ask him if Ariel asked him a question and he said no. I am still drilling it in their sweet heads, but both girls know when they are allowed to date that the young boy they are interested in has to love God. So I asked him "Do you love God?" He said "uh yes." I asked him if he went to church. At this point I had to run off and chase Logan, so I didn't get the answer to that question.
For now, I think I dodged this one by telling him he has to call the house and talk to her Dad. he he My sister said I was wrong that I should have just told him that she isn't allowed to have a boyfriend. I'll just pray that he doesn't call! he he

Whoa! Talk about not being ready for that one!! You have to give the boy credit for talking to me. I love it! The best part is, I think his Mom was sitting on the bench listening to the whole conversation. She didn't say anything, but I hope a seed was planted if they are not believers.

You may not agree with us, but the rule in our house is when we believe the girls are mature enough, and Logan of course, they will be allowed to date. Not when they turn 16 or 17, but when we know that they are mature enough to know what is right and wrong, listen to their instincts and definitely able to say "NO!" The second part to this rule is that the young man has to come to the house and talk to us about the plans for going on a date. For example, when he would like to pick her up, where they are going, and when he will bring her home. I am not crazy about the whole midnight curfew, do what you want until then. I pray that setting these guidelines will somehow impact the girls and Logan of course in a tremendous way. And Logan will have to do the exact thing that we ask of boys desiring to date his older sisters. He will go the young ladies home and speak with her parents. If they are not home when they say they will be....well we'll deal with that subject when we get to it.

I grew up in a very strict environment and was not able to date (with permission) until I was a sophomore in high school. I just want there to be ground rules and for the kids to understand what dating is about. Not to just have a boyfriend to have a boyfriend. Anyway, what are your rules or what will your rules be and do you agree with our rules or disagree?

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Carly said...

haha...The boys are always telling Beighlee that she's their girlfriend. Beighlee is such a snob, she just says, "No I'm not. I don't need no boys!" hahaha

Beighlee sure misses Ariel.