Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Just wanted to share some Christmas Pictures. Poor Logan got all beat up on Christmas day. First, he flipped head first over the front of his little push bike. He hit his forehead, nose and lip. He had a bloody nose and a bloody lip. Poor Bubs! Then later he was waiting outside for Grandma and Grandpa to show up and he fell off the bench outside and scrapped his eye! He is all boy!

Ariel showing off new PJ bottoms.

Logan opening a present. He wasn't into it too much. Santa brought him a tricycle and that is all he wanted. He didn't care about anything else.

Opening family games on Christmas Eve. A new Wii game and the game Pit. The girls love both of them.

Logan snuggling with big sis during movie night.

For Christmas Eve we read the Christmas story, opened a present and watched a movie. Before the girls could open presents Christmas morning we had a little trivia game. They had to answer the question correctly before they could open each present. They really enjoyed the game. It was my way of making sure they know why we celebrate Christmas and to remind them that it is not about the presents.
Jose's family decided to come down for Christmas dinner at the last minute. We had a full house Christmas evening. They spent the night and ate breakfast the next morning and headed back home. It was a fast, but nice visit.
We have been enjoying our Christmas break. We made lots of reindeer poop, little pretzels with Rollo's, banana bread and pumpkin rolls. I tried to make two batches of Beth Moore's Toffee, but neither one came out right. Then I tried to make Jose some pralines and I'll never do that again. Those things turned out hard as rocks! Jose is off until next week so we've been hanging around like bums. At least I have anyway! I have even been sleeping in!!! We have been working on putting a 500 piece Polar Bear puzzle together. Surprisingly Logan has not messed it up. We have been enjoying ourselves. I hope you have had a blessed Christmas holiday and have enjoyed celebrating Jesus!
God Bless You!
I have lots more pictures of random things to post later!


Haylee Potter said...

Oh, poor Logan!!! It looks like you guys had a great Christmas! We did too, I will get around to posting some pics soon. Things have been so busy for us. We are still working on getting a new house, and hopefully the one right around the corner from you guys, but there have been a few bumps in the road, maybe we will know something more next week.

Dawn Jenkins said...

Poor Logan. Do you do the game present every year for Christmas? We started it this year and it was really fun. The boys opened up PJ's from us and a game after church. Then we played the game in our PJ's and went to look at Christmas lights.
I am impressed you can cook an entire Christmas meal on Christmas Day...Thanks for all your help with GA's and my CD