Friday, March 6, 2009


Logan is finally feeling better. Through all of this sickness he has morphed into a "real" boy. You know the kind that you pray your son never becomes or the kind your pray your daughters never marry. The kind that flicks boogers, farts and then blames it on his bootie, burps, throws food, and spits in your face! Somewhere in between all the antibiotics, injections, Tylenol and Motrin, Mommas little boy has developed every bad habit you can think of. How did I get so lucky? He practically has new living quarters in a cold metal chair now known as "The Hot Seat"! This is the same little boy who can't fall asleep without cuddling with his Mom and gets his feelings hurt if I roll over and turn my back to him in the middle of the night. The same little bundle of sweetness that says "Bless you Mom" every time I sneeze. Now, how does a mother with two daughters seek revenge on her little bundle of sweetness when he has turned into an ornery stinker?

Isn't she...I mean HE beautiful?!

Jose said these pictures were not allowed on the blog....
Both the girls wore this cute little summer dress. I think it was a garage sale find.

This will be used many years to come. I'm almost certain!!


Dawn Jenkins said...

Yea, Ronnie totally freaked out when I put a dress I bought a friend on Kade.
It's called the terrible twos...every red-blooded American boy goes through it. I guess we should hit our knees now =)

Dawn Jenkins said...

Hey - wondering if you made it to Gander Mnt. to pic up the magazines Friday?