Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Official

You are my accountability partner. It is your official job and responsibility to make me get fit! Jose bought me new shoes so I can start running again. These are Nike Air Alvord VI. They are for trail running. Don't they look fast?! Running is great exercise and can become addictive. I have always wanted to run a marathon and Jose said he would run with me. Jose has been working out for several months now so he is one step ahead of me. That means I have to train extra hard now so I can beat him ;)

I weigh the same weight I did when I went to my six week checkup after having Logan. I am obviously not going to be able to change my eating habits so I have to exercise. I have been eating more salad and vegetables--which I love! Eating vegetables makes me feel better overall and they're delicious with ranch! I have also been trying to cut out as much sugar as possible. I bought a DIET Dr. Pepper today--regular Dr. Pepper is my weakness! I just can't lose any weight without exercising so I am going to start TODAY! I just have too many bad eating habits.

You are more than welcome to run with me...or I mean walk! I might need somebody to call the paramedics for me!

Well, I better get trail hunting!


Haylee Potter said...

I'm not much into running, but I like walking, so if you aren't going to kill me I will go walk with you. Yeah, I am back motivated to get my fat butt in shape too, I just told Chance last week to get me my gym membership again. I have let myself go waaaay to far...

Dawn Jenkins said...

Okay - I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG LAYOUT!!! I am with ya...I still haven't lost my 10 pounds from having Kade...yugh!!! I am going running with Stacy this morning (she is going to help me get into shape! - run a minute walk a minute)!!! You know for me it isn't just about losing weight...I NEED MORE ENERGY!!! P.S. I can go walk and Haylee just give me a shout!