Saturday, April 18, 2009

Couple's Weight Loss Challenge

Jose and I are competitive by nature and we need an incentive to lose weight! Who would be interested in doing a couple's weight loss competition? We haven't worked out the technicalities yet, but we need to come up with something quick. I know nobody would want to share their current weight so we need to find a place where we could do weigh ins and have them recorded for each person. We were thinking everyone could pitch in some money for a grand prize. The amount depends on how many couples sign up. Jose is even going to throw in a FREE NIGHT'S STAY AT THE DRURY INN.
Let me know ASAP if you are interested in a little competition...say by Monday so we can start doing some weigh ins. Invite as many people as you want so we have a better chance of a fabulous Grand Prize!

1 comment:

Dawn Jenkins said...

Ronnie and I would be willing to join in...let us know!!!I think it'd be fun.