Saturday, May 16, 2009

South Plains College Graduation

It only took ten plus years, but I finally graduated Friday, May 15, 2009 at 10:00 am with an Associate of Arts in Teaching. I wasn't too crazy about walking, but I thought it would be great for the kids to be there and be a part of the graduation. In the end, Ariel was the only one to attend because Alexia had earned a trip to Joyland with the school. I told her my feelings would not be hurt if she did not attend my graduation.

Posing with my sister Terra before graduation. My sister drove down from Booker Thursday, but had to return back to her family early Friday. We had a great evening watching Grey's finale on Thursday night and got up early to visit and drink a pot of coffee together Friday morning. We do not get to spend enough time together.

Posing after graduation...

After graduation with hubby Jose and Ariel....

Yeah Me!!

I'll transfer in the fall to Texas Tech (most likely) and graduate again in two more years!
Thank you to everyone who has helped out with kids while I attended class, or writing a paper, or doing homework. Jose deserves a big pat on the back for taking care of the kids when I had a ton of homework to do. I love you and you're the best husband in the world!!!

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Carly said...

Great job!!! I am so proud if you. Think you could go ahead and go back for me too? I'm a terrible student! I procrastinate too much.