Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ruidoso, New Mexico

This post was started last week....just now getting around to finishing it!!!

This past weekend my sweet, sweet husband pulled our camper to Ruidoso for a weekend full of camping. Friday night was family night for the camp that Alexia is at. This is her second week there. She did not know we were coming because Jose wanted to surprise her. She has been there as a missionary in training. We kind of got a kick out of hearing her tell us that she has had to wash dishes and scrub toilets!! I loved it!! She knew she was serving the Lord so that made me proud!

We camped at this great little RV park called Little Creek RV. Logan and Ariel are sitting at the entrance that has a cute little pond and gazebo.

Jose cookin' us up some hobo dinners. We love these things and save them only for camping. We are not allowed to have them for dinner when we are home! He also cooked sausage and scrambled eggs for breakfast the next morning. Jose makes the best scrambled eggs ever.

Deer grazing in the field behind our campsite. Logan repeated and repeated "More deer Momma"! He loved to just stare at them. We threw carrots at them, but I never saw them eat them.

Ariel blowin' out that flamin' marshmallow gettin' ready to make her a smore!

This was the first time we ever went to the horse races in Ruidoso. Jose and I loved it. We thought we could go back and enjoy it again, but without little distractions!! Actually, Ariel and Logan loved it too. We stayed for a couple of hours. Again, Logan was repeating "More horsies Momma"!

Over the weekend, Jose and I celebrated 12 years of perfect, wedded bliss. Ha! I thought you might get a kick out of seeing some OLD pictures. Did you recognize Alexia? She was 1 1/2 yrs old when we married.

Prom 1994. Our first date. Check out the hair on Jose! he he

Just a picture while we were dating. We often have to take our own photos. I looked and looked and I couldn't find a current one of us together. Isn't that sad ;(


1. I can't wait to be Mimi and Pops. I think Grand kids will be a blast!! I don't want them too early though. If you know what I mean :)

2. When we retire we want to travel in one of these. Jose jokes that when we have one of these the horn will sound like the La Cuchara (?) song so the grand kids will know it is us when we pull up to pick them up.
3. I look forward to seeing and doing what the Lord has planned for us individually and as a couple.

4. Growing old together, sitting in our rockers, drinking some Maxwell House coffee!

5. Learning more about each other.

6. Seeing our beautiful children grow up and start families of their own.

7. Making each other laugh and laugh.

8. Being there for each other when needed.

9. Visiting other parts of the world.

10. More date nights.

11. Cuddling!!!

12. And you know what else **SMILE**!!!! he he

I love you Jose! It gets better and better every year. Thank you for loving me even with all of my faults and imperfections. I look forward to many more years of marriage with you.


Haylee Potter said...

OHHHHH, how, get a room, you are making me nauseaus!!! he he!!!

Dawn Jenkins said...

sooo sweet. Made me laugh. Can you post your hobo and egg recipes???

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