Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sewing appliques

My friend Christy had a baby boy in July. They named him Davey. I finally got to meet him last week. I had seen some onesies with appliques sewed on at that I was dying to try.

BTW...he fell asleep in less than 30 seconds after his mom put him in his car seat. How sweet is that? I had to take a picture.
I made one applique onesie with a tie and one with a guitar. They didn't turn out as cute as I had visioned. I basically sewed white onto white. Duh! Not the best choice.

Here is big sister Brenna, Christy, and baby Davey.

See how the contrast looks much better. I had the zebra fabric and Ariel had the plain shirt, so I got to work.
I figured out the hard way that it works best if you iron the heat N bond onto the piece of fabric your going to cut, first. You waste a little fabric doing it this way, but it makes it much easier to trace and cut out.
1. Find a pattern you like,
2. trace it onto your heat n bond,
3. cut it out,
4. iron it onto your clothing,
5. sew around the perimeter.
Piece of cake! Enjoy your piece of art!

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