Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Please be in prayer

My sister is in the hospital right now with a severe kidney infection. She is in a lot of pain. Please pray that she will be healed and start feeling like herself. She has three kids at home and a husband that needs her!!

Also, my dad's arm doesn't seem to be improving. He was scheduled to go back for a check up next Wednesday, but he called the doctor and insisted that he be seen tomorrow. He wants the doctor to get more agressive with his treatment. He said his arm is just flopping around and doesn't seem to be healing. He is ready for them to put a pin in or something. Please pray that his arm will heal and that he will have confidence in the treatment that the doctors want to do.

Thank you all!!

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Carly said...

Lemons will help her kidneys. Trust me I come from a long line of kidney stones and kidney infections. Sometimes you can find lemonade that is already made and doesn't have a lot of sugars in it. The less sugar, the easier for the kidneys to process.
Sorry, I'm a broken ankle kind of person, don't really have any solutions for your dad, but I will lift him up in prayer. :)