Friday, June 27, 2008

In order to tour the Capitol and White House you must make a request through your congressman. Although they didn't grant us a tour of the White House, they did give us a personal tour of the Capitol and even flew a flag over the Capitol on our 11th anniversary (even on really short notice). Congressman Neugebauer was gracious enough to take time out of his day to escort us past the long line of tours and even posed for a picture.

Alexia and Ariel gettin' "lucky" in the Nation's Capitol. Supposedly touching this spot brings luck. If I remember right, it is directly in the center of the Capitol building and the exact center of Washington DC. Something like that anyway!
This is the room where President Clinton was impeached. It is the actual room that has been used by Lincoln and the Presidents after him. Although, it has been updated with electricity. Our tour guide said they tried to keep the "somberness" with dim lighting. Back in the day they used candlesticks for lighting at each table.
A picture of the Capitol walking East towards the Capitol on the National Mall.

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