Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer Fun

The sweetest thing since sliced bread!! This little man loves it outside. We sit outside every morning. He plays in the dirt and I sip my diet Dr. Pepper!
Now this is a redneck swimming pool! This is our pond liner that we have been patiently waiting to have installed. We need to have an electrical line ran out to the middle of the yard. I can't wait to have it beautifully landscaped, to see goldfish swimming around and hear the trickling water!
The girls were splashing water at Jack. He is trying to catch it with his mouth. He is a crazy dog!
Family comedian....
Alexia lovin' on Bubs!
Jose is taking Logan to his sister's tonight for his lonely vacation. We fly out tomorrow for DC. Please pray for our safety and that Logan will be safe and content with his grandma, aunt and cousins. Please pray that he will have fun, eat and sleep well and won't cry for us. This is my first time to be away from him, but I think I've talked myself into having a good, rested vacation without him. It will make me a better mom, right?


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