Saturday, December 6, 2008

Have You Prayed For....

Your new President?

For the team he is putting together to work with him?

For your spouse?

His job and the people he works with?

For your children?

For their future spouses?

For your future Grandchildren?

For your family?

For your pastor?

For your church?

For your friends?

For lost?

Have you prayed that God would use you in a miraculous way--beyond what you have ever imagined? I get excited just thinking about it!!!!!

Prayer is the most precious gift you can give of your time!

I hope you're enjoying this time of year and getting in the CHRISTmas spirit. This is my favorite holiday. I love giving! If I had the resources I would give, give, and give some more. But what I know I can afford to give is of my time. Take time to pray for all the people mentioned above. Love you and may you be blessed this holiday season!

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Dawn Jenkins said...

come bake cookies with us tomorrow at 9 at the church if you can!!!