Monday, February 9, 2009

About me...

Thank you all for the birthday wishes by phone, text, and blog. Sorry I haven't responded or called you back. I promise I'm really not that stuck up! Logan has been sick with RSV, FLU, Pink eye in both eyes and just found out today that he tested positive for strep on Thursday, but they failed to tell us he could have been feeling much better had he gotten on an antibiotic on Thursday instead of yesterday. He had been running a high fever, but overall he still had been a pretty good trooper. I got to hold him, rock him, and love on him a little more than usual. Which I completely enjoyed every minute! So he is on his way to feeling better and let's just pray that nobody else gets sick because I don't want to leave a sick kid so I can go to Ruidoso this weekend....that would just make me feel like a horrible Mom, but I'll do Not really but just please pray for healthy babies.
I thought I would share a little about much do you really know about me?
1. Favorite music-Heavy Metal. Mega Death, AC DC, Pantera, Five Finger Death Punch.
2. I have 4 tattoos- one that I can't show you.
3. In high school I got a DUI my sophomore year.
4. Skipped school a lot in high school.
5. I never wanted kids.
6. I have assault and battery charges.
7. I take Anger Management classes on a regular basis.
HA! None of that is true...I just thought it would sound more exciting because I'm really a boring person!
OK...for real now...
1. I love to read.
2. I have lived in Oklahoma, Texas, California, Washington, and Nevada.
3. I have butchered, plucked and gutted hundreds of turkeys. (Not by myself though)
4. I love being a wife and a mother.
5. I love learning.
6. I loved basketball in high school.
7. I love traveling.
8. I am conservative. I prefer to drive a modest car, live in a modest home, and save money to travel. Material things only last for so long, but you will always remember experiences!
9. I have a younger sister who also has two daughters and one son.
10. I love Jesus! My aunt started taking me to church in Washington when I was in the 5th grade and I thought it was so weird that she always dressed up to go to church! Isn't that funny!
11. When I lived in Washington most of our weekends were spent cutting and loading firewood or #3.
12. When I was in high school I wanted 3 kids. I always wanted a boy and finally got one by surprise.
13. I would go to a foreign country in a heartbeat if I felt led by Jesus to be a missionary.
14. I'm a do it yourselfer. I like the idea of fixing up something old.
15. I hate hand washing vehicles...don't know why, but I just do!
16. I love camping.
17. I prefer the mountains instead of the beach.
18. Jose and I started dating my sophomore year in high school.
You don't know how hard it was to come up with the first list. Hope you got a good laugh.
Have a great day!


Haylee Potter said...

You really had me going.... I was beginning to think that I actually knew nothing about you!!!

Carly said...

HOW RUDE!!!! I was thinking..."Wow! Shannon and I do have a lot in common, no wonder we get along." Great, now I'm back to being the rebel of the group. haha

Dawn Jenkins said...

You had me going too...I was kind of feeling like Carly did! LOL I need a good laugh this morning...that part about "hating to leave a sick baby but I'll have to" just cracked me up. This was a great post and I really feel like I d know you better. Can't wait for the weekend!