Friday, July 10, 2009

Just another poop story....

The other day we pulled up the public library and I told the girls they had two minutes to return books and pick out new ones because Momma was "pooped". You know the "pooped" where you are exhausted and need to take a breather.
My sweet and innocent Mr. Logan, sitting in the backseat, safely buckled in, absorbing every word said, as sweet and kind as he possibly can say "You pooped Ma?" I answered Logan "Yes Logan. Mommy's pooped."
Ariel and Alexia are giggling as they grab their books and head into the library.
At this point Logan is really concerned about Mommy being pooped. After I unbuckled him and was carrying him into the library he was straining to look over my shoulder, down at my britches, again so concerned for Mommy, asking "You pooped Ma?" At this point we are close to heading into the library and I am trying to explain to him-no Mommy's not pooped.
Stop it.
Leave me alone.
Quit looking at my booty!
Logan loves his Mommy!
When we got into the library I put Logan down so he can look at books. I walked over to the magazine section. I had my nose in Back Yard Living when Logan walked behind me, smelled my booty, and asked ever so sweetly "You pooped Ma?"
The library was filled with people in line ready to check out and I am positive they heard every word!
I nonchalantly shooed him away and pretended I didn't know whose kid he was!


Dawn Jenkins said...

Seriously I am laughing my head off...I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!

Cheryle said...

ahhhh.... the precious moments of motherhood!!!...Laughing so hard that I have tears running down my cheeks....omg how funny!