Friday, July 3, 2009

What I have been doing....

Yesterday I made this and it was surprisingly easy. It tastes great and is probably much healthier than what we are used to buying at the store. I think this weekend since we will have company, I am going to use the left overs to make this.

The other night for supper I tried this and again it was really easy and pretty good. I would definitely add some chicken or I thought even some type of sausage would be good, but Jose thought it would be good with shrimp.

Today I am making this to satisfy my handsome Mexican's preference for hot stuff.

There are many recipes I want to try from these websites. I don't know if they sound good because they take pictures and I can see what it looks like, but I have been having fun picking out new recipes!

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July!!


Dawn Jenkins said...

look at you go Ms. Blog Queen!!!

Snow White said...

glad you enjoyed the bread :) it's our favorite.

shrimp or italian sausage would be great in the pasta zucchini dish -- we'll have to try that too.

happy cooking!