Sunday, July 26, 2009

Motivate Me Monday

I copied this from another blog about motivating fellow bloggers with their household chores, exercise, or personal life. And I loved the idea. Of course I copied it because it would strain my brain to come up with something original!

This week's topic is LAUNDRY!! I know we all have dirty laundry and I know we all hate it. Do I hear an AMEN?

I have learned the hard way about managing my home and family. I did not have a mom, grandma or an aunt to tell me the secrets to an orderly household.

This week's tip comes from She recommends staying on top of Mount Washmore daily. Some people prefer to have one day devoted to washing, drying, folding, and hanging up all the laundry. I prefer to do laundry daily.

Otherwise I would get eaten up by the Laundry Monster! You never know what you'll find if you have piles and piles of laundry lying around.

The Laundry Monster really exists. I have proof!

(Click the picture to get the full effect!)
(The inspiration for this post!)
Logan has been warned that playing in his sister's dirty clothes could have deadly consequences!

Laundry Tips

1. Wash. Dry. Fold/Hang up. Put away. Set your timer if you need to be reminded to put the laundry in the dryer and then set it again to remind you to hang up your laundry (straight out of the dryer) or fold. Don't leave it stacked on top of your dryer. Take your clean clothes to the rooms where they belong.

2. Get your laundry room organized. I have four tall bins in my laundry room so everyone can sort their clothes by color. I can tell if I have enough for a load with a quick glance of the bin.

3. Lastly, declutter! Get rid of all the holey socks and clothes that aren't worth wearing or washing!

Happy Washing! If you have a great laundry tip, leave me a comment. I'm always looking for ways to improve!


Sarah said...

I have heard that if your laundry area is "pretty" it will inspre you to do laundry. Mine is not pretty. I have no idea if this works.

Haylee Potter said...

I feel motivated to hire a housekeeper!!! ha ha!!!