Monday, September 21, 2009


Since I pulled out my sewing machine I have made a few things that I have had on my to do list. I saw this Twirly Jean Skirt on Makeitandloveit that I thought was just adorable. Ariel had a pair of jeans that fit in the waist, but were too short. We cut them off....

Ooopps! I cut them off way too short. My antique sewing machine won't sew through the thick pockets. I was tempted to cut off a pair of her new school jeans, but thought I better not. So now we have a pair of cut off jeans that are really short. Anybody have any ideas on what I can do with these before I throw them away?
Remember my no sew pillowcase curtains. I used the left over material to make a sofa pillow.

I painted a Fleur de lis on the opposite side. That little thingy is really growing on me. They will soon be painted all over my house! I found a picture of a Fleur de lis that I liked on the internet, printed it off and then traced it onto freezer paper. I then cut it out and had a perfect stencil.
Did you notice I now have two panels and even a curtain rod? What do you think of the final product?

Now if I can just get a blind like this one below I think it will look tons better. I am just afraid enough light won't shine through. That window is the only one in the living room. I got an estimate a while back for a custom made shutter for that huge window and the estimate was over $1,000.00. No thank you!

Any window ideas for me? Notice the window above where you can see the dark lines. That is a metal separator on the outside for each window pane. I thought maybe we could get 2X4's and make it look like 4 separate windows from the inside and then hang smaller blinds. They would be cheaper than one great big blind. I am just afraid it would make the window look like it was from the 70's.

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