Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blowout, E.R., Motorcycle Wreck

We experienced all of these things over Labor Day weekend. We took the kids out of school early on Thursday like really bad parents! We headed out of town and had a blowout on our camper! This was the first sign we should have stayed home. Luckily we were still in town and just drove it the tire shop and had it replaced.

Friday Logan's head met a golf club. We had to take him to the E.R. He didn't need stitches. The doctor pinched the skin back together and used superglue like stuff. I pulled myself together long enough to snap you this picture. See how I love you!! This is just to warn you that if you decide to start gushing blood around me, I start acting like a crazy woman and you'll need somebody else around to save you!
Logan was fine by the time we even got to the hospital. The worst part at the hospital was when they took x-rays of his head. Afterward he got gum and a Popsicle, walked out of the E.R. and was running around the hospital playing with his cousins. This picture is on the way back to his grandparents. We got back to the camper, changed our bloody clothes and went to the football game.

Saturday Jose and I got to visit with old classmates and enjoy Rhett Akins at a street dance in our hometown.

On our way home we were exiting off the freeway onto the access road when a motorcyclist got in a hurry and tried to pass us on the curve. He hit gravel, wiped out, and slid across the street. He was darn lucky that we didn't run him over. He apologized to hubby for being stupid. Hubby said he agreed with him and told him if he does something like that again he might get himself killed. This is the second time we have witnessed a motorcycle accident right in front of us. Hubby says we need to post a sign on the truck that says "Motorcyclist are prone to crashing around this truck."
We had a good weekend overall, but a little too much drama for me. I was ready to be at home and try to figure out how to keep Logan in a protective bubble!

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