Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Home Decor or Dust Collector?

I have seen little moss ball decorations all over blogland and it gave me an idea for these stars I bought at a garage sale for 50 cents each.

I started out using a gluegun to attach the moss (purchased at Dollar Tree for one whopping dollar) but it wasn't working effectively so I decided to use spray adhesive instead. I sprayed each star and then started laying the moss on the star. I bought two clay pots at Wal-Mart for about $3.00 and used a piece of foam to secure the stem into the pot. I painted each pot white. Once the paint was dry, I used a papertowel to paint the pot with wood stain. I then took a clean papertowel and wiped the stain off. I didn't want the pots stark white because we don't really have anything white in our livingroom. You can't really tell that well in the poor pictures. Do you like the way they turned out?

My entire star collection on the mantel. I bought the middle star on clearance in Ruidoso.
I hate our fireplace brick, layout and the mantel cove. I was thinking about painting it white, but hubby wants to stain it darker to match our entertainment center. What do you think?
I even thought some beadboard would look good up there painted white. I would have taken a picture of the entire fireplace, but then I would have had to clean off all the junk and that would have taken too long!

So are these crafty decorations or just new and improved dust collectors?
The mantel is still missing something. What is it? Help?!


Angie said...

They are cute! I just love stars! Yes, of course, they will collect dust like crazy like everything in my house does, but oh well!!!

Dawn Jenkins said...

no worries about the dust...they were cheap enough so you don't have to feel bad about trashing them and starting over if ya want too or just use the air compressor like I do =) Ha! Miss ya!